Oct 22, 2011

Top 10 Deviant Art Wallpapers for Halloween 2011

Halloween Memorial Updated by ForeverBigBlue68
 The haunted house, creepy skeletons, flying crow, pumpkins, and that walking ghost send goosebumps to your desktop.

Halloween Kitten by vladstudio
 This one reminds me of The Nightmare Before Christmas with its colors and styles. The kitten's grin is also similar to Alice in Wonderland's cat.

Gaian Vampires Halloween by JenZee
Final Fantasy Halloween version, you say? Yep! I got the same idea. The white-haired guy looks like Cecil.

The Addams Family by daekazu

Ever imagined living in a cemetery with this kind of family? Creepy!

You Can't Take It With You by ForeverBigBlue68
A wallpaper with a hair-raising story. Dare to wander in this ghost-filled house in the middle of the forest.

Halloween Wallpaper by EclairDesigns
Who says Halloween is only for creepy stuffs? Don't forget the Trick or Treats and the cute costumes.

Dark Halloween Wallpaper by YumeKimino
Add Anime and Halloween and you got a perfect wallpaper for your desktop. Black and white yet elegant.

A Storm of Crows by ForeverBigBlue68
Remember the movie "The Crow"? Relieve it in your desktop!

Gaia Halloween Wallpaper by darkfong
Dare not to fall for her tricks. Let hr be your desktop sweetheart this Halloween.

Michael Myers Vs Killer Santa by angrydogdesigns
Whose side are you on? Don't expect Christmas presents just yet. It's Halloween!

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